She was born in Oakland, California on April 20th, Though not given the name Diamond at birth She has grown into this Diamond in true form.

As a young girl people would tell her that she should get into modeling, dancing, or even singing. One of her aunt and two cousins were models and she has a lot of musical influences in her family as well.  She is a little shy with a big voice, but let her voice warm up to your heart and soul and you’ll just fall in love.

I excelled at school and took a ton of art classes such as Dance, voice, and photography. After officially announcing I wanted be Model, singer, dancer, Doctor after high school. A friend told me that there was no way that I could do all of that and that I need to choose one and get my act together. I fought that and I’m going to prove that to the world that I can be all that I can be.

She is currently enrolled at Holly Names University trying to accomplish a degree in biology and music. currently her tuition is holding and she is collecting donations of any sort to help her get back to the biggest part to her plan to success.

But of course before she started college she had been modeling and dancing as a hobby for fun to see what it would be like and to try and develop the skills needed, it was very fun for her and she loved it so Diamond did some reading up on it to see what it would take for her get real in-depth in the modeling career and/ or dancing career. She has always had a song in her heart, so singing was no question or a doubt, about pursuing a music career. She has taken a few photos with different photographers and really loves being in the camera light and once again being the center of attention.

“I feel that once I get into modeling with the right people, I am going to be one of baddest girls on this planet.”

-Diamond So Sexxi

After seeing how people are you learn a lot about life. She had people promise everything she could wish for only to let her down or cheat her.

“Either way it put me down and set me back. This is how I came up with the name Diamond, my nickname before the whole modeling and singing was De De and as I grew-up life brought its struggles and pain. So I decided to change my name to Diamond, meaning to myself that coming from nothing you could be something to. You could be born ugly and grow up to be the most beautiful person or thing in the world that everyone wants. And that’s how I felt and still feel about myself, not that I was ever ugly but just that back then I was the person playing it safe and now I am the one person that everyone wants. The definition of a diamond defines me in so many ways (Diamond is the hardest natural material known to man, and the most wanted stone in the land.). And to play on words I added “So Sexxi” because that’s what I am.”

-Diamond So Sexxi

What Diamond So Sexxi wants out being in the entertainment industry is becoming one of the most known female model, vocal artist, and dancer from the Bay Area. She wants to get a better understanding of the business and the industry so she can begin her own company.

“In the near future I want to have my own label, fashion line, model and talent agency, and recording studio. Being from Oakland, CA. there isn’t much to do for young people so me gaining the success that I am trying to reach I will put something in Oakland, CA. so my people of the Bay Area can really say she has done something to help out her community.”

-Diamond So Sexxi

She’s an aspiring model, because She wants to see more African-American women in magazines, movies, Ads, Internet, and runway shows. She is one of the model types who is very positive about their work/ craft. She wants to become a singer, because she want to share her voice and advice with the world through song. Diamond believe that music can cure anything. Between the two modeling and singing, She feels that she can change a lot of peoples minds on the out look on Oakland, if Keyshia Cole haven’t already.

“But until my dreams are fulfilled I will be here in Oakland, CA trying to fund my education at Holy Names University, and working on my Stardom.”

-Diamond So Sexxi