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Come chat with me for a few mins while we test out this live stream system…. Ask me anything…

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Clip from the moodologist

Help show your support with our fundraiser

Thank you for viewing my blog and keeping up with me. My music Group, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell well be holding a few fundraising events to build funds to start recording again. Our small term Goal is $500 LETS MAKE THIS GOAL!!!!

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We’re Raising Money!

Team DADT Home Delivery Cookie Dough Tubs Fundraiser is starting soon and we need your support to reach our goal.
We will be starting:
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Participants will be coming to you with a brochure full of some great products for you to choose from. You can view the brochure that we will be using by clicking the link to your left. If you would like to see all of the information on this fundraiser you can view it on this website.

You can even make your purchase online via paypal using BookingDADT@gmail.com

View the brochure and take note of which tubs you wants and calculate your order and send the total due via email using the BookingDADT@gmail.com then send an email to BookingDADT@gmail.com with you order and the paypal confirmation # and name.

Thank you

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Its a New Year!!!

I hope you all are having a great new year…!!! I will be posting more and more content of my page… Please stay tuned…

I am currently looking to wok with wardrobe stylist, MUA, Hairstylist, and more if you would LOVE to work with me please contact me with your resume and references.

Thank you,
Diamond So Sexxi

I’m back with an update!!!

Hey everyone!

The last few days have been a true adventure and challenge. Last week my group had an audition for a talent search and I was a little nervous due the fact that i had been having a sore throat for a couple of days and it just wouldn’t go away. J-Marie Oowwee did a very good job on her part, so I knew we was in the door for phase 2. Just like that on the day the guys told us we would get information on going on to the next round or not. Guess what news we got???? guess???? Thats right! we made it to round 2!!! So we are in the works of putting together a show to present to the judges and then once we go on to phase 3 we will preform live for all we can make it to the show in OCT date TBA.

Yesterday I had a Fashion Show with The Model Experience and it was a experience i must say. I have some video footage will be put up later.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos…

Yesterday I had a audition to be in a girls singing group…. I’m so excited and can’t wait for the call back for the next round of things… The judges suggested that I do a more pop song with a more happy feeling… It would be great if anyone has any suggestions on songs that I can try that would be super!!!! Well in the mean time I’m warming up and watch YouTube videos to help me better my voice… Always stay positive in life… 🙂


My first entry LOL… :-)

Hello All!!!

I don’t even have much to say… LOL but hello everyone I hope that those who are reading this are have a great day, week, and year. If you aren’t already following me on twitter or IG @DiamondSoSexxi and like us on FB www.facebook.com/Diamondsosexi

OH…!!! I will be in a fashion show Aug. 10th in San Francisco, CA. I have tickets $25 each all proceeds are paying for me to participate in the event (hair, makeup, wardrobe, and professional photos). Donations are also welcome. YOu can make your ticket purchase online at


I really hope to see you there… 🙂


Also If you want to participate and can sale 10 tickets by Aug. 5th I can get you a spot in the show as well.

Love you,

Diamond So Sexxi <3